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Welcome to the Kokopelli shop !

Free up your time on Cross The Ages with GAM

If you’re an avid player, but don’t have the time to manage your account, then you’ve come to the right place.
Discover our unique service, “Kokopelli Shop”, specially designed to let you enjoy this exceptional game without the stress of daily management.

Your Success, Our Commitment.

Access one of our “Kokopelli Echope” services today and let us propel you to new heights of success in the TCG Cross The Ages !



🛡️ Increase your Trisel reserve: Save your time to accumulate the Trisel you need for your crafting by benefiting from a minimum of 6,000 Trisel per week.

🆙 Accelerate your progress: Gain game experience quickly and reach new heights in the world of TCG Cross The Ages.

🎁 Unlock rewards: Receive chests and cards to add to your collection.

✨ SR card airdrops: Be eligible for SR card airdrops every week.

$ 51,6 USDC



🔒 Free up your time, keep the rewards:
We manage your red or green account, giving you peace of mind and guaranteeing half the SR cards effortlessly, sent directly to the account of your choice. And WITHOUT PAYING ANY MONEY BACK.

⏳ For those with no time to lose: Our service is specially designed for players who yearn for adventure without the constraints of day-to-day account management. We’re here to help you enjoy every moment of your Cross The Ages experience.


Why choose GAM ?

With GAM, success is at your fingertips, with no worries or hassles:

  • Time-saving : Free yourself from the constraints of account management and concentrate on what’s important: the game.
  • Absolute control : Maximize your winnings with confidence, thanks to our professional and secure services.
  • Guaranteed success : Your progress is our mission. With our services, reach unparalleled heights.